Obligatory Vacation Post

...That was awesome.

Okay, so, it was this enormous resort (that somehow felt cozy in spite of it) you had to take trams to get around to everywhere, and everything was so beautiful and felt so perfect that it was like walking in a postcard. I climbed a Mayan pyramid (because fuck you feet) and went snorkeling and saw live performances and ate a shit ton of food. We got food included in our deal. Buffet food, specialized restaurant food, I wouldn't be surprised at all if I gained weight, I put my veganism aside and ate so much. Seafood, Mexican food, comfort food, tons of fruit, ethnic food, fusion food. Oh my god. The Mexicans were nice (aside from the aggressive ones selling stuff in the city) and the temperature was hot and humid with just the perfect breeze, and the service was impeccable. I wish that it could be real life. It was real life, for a week, and I am so happy that it was.

That trip was beautiful and luxurious and awesome and I want to go back and take you all with me.

So I Don't Know Where Everybody Is

 If you all went to Narnia and forgot to tell me, but I'm still here saying "Hey, I have a livejournal! I have nothing to write in it! And apparently no one else does either!"

I'd be so fucking jealous if you went to Narnia.

I decided today that I would just say "fuck it" to life and go to Ireland in search of portals to the faerie realm. 
No, I have not lost my mind.